What the name of this toy?


It the Teapot one and the watering can I know the seller says there Polly pockeets but there not
There was also a horse that turned into a school and a and a windmill that turned into a bakery
There not called Polly pockets
I use to have them as a kid they was like polly pockets but they had animal in them.

The teapot was a hair dressers and the watering can was an ice rink

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12 Responses to “What the name of this toy?”

  1. omgithinkiknow says:

    yes, this is a collection of Polly Pockets, my daughter had all those when she was younger, found many of those sets in my closet hidden away last weekend, they are all Polly Pockets or compatible.

  2. darwinuap says:


  3. hollydolly says:

    they are PollyPockets. the original kind not, fashion Polly. i used to have a lot of those. the sets come w/ a few really small plastic figures that have a round base that sticks to the round holes on the "environment"( they teapot or purse that folds up.)

  4. spoofme says:

    don’t know

  5. yupp! :]] says:

    OOOoh!!! I had those as a kid too! I loved those. Those are like those really tiny mini houses and stuff!

    UGGGHHH I can’t think of the name! But I do know what you’re talking about and those ARE NOT POLLY POCKETS & I would know because my little sister had those and those are totally different.

  6. red nose boy says:

    they could be power rangers

  7. es.owens says:

    They are polly pocket compacts – if you look at the image of them with there lids closed it even says polly pocket on the lids!! they are just the 80’s version not the new up to date fashion polly’s

  8. lynsey f says:

    could it be littlest pet shop

  9. barney says:

    I think it’s called the big yellow teapot

  10. ☼☼Ais☼☼ says:

    What yupp! :]] said

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