What things in life are worth paying a bit more money for.?

Yes I know you can sometimes find genuine bargains, But as a rule you only get what you pay for. What things/items are worth digging deeper into your pocket to buy. I recon…. Good quality shoes/bed matresses/food/ would be my top 3.

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6 Responses to “What things in life are worth paying a bit more money for.?”

  1. carlyj2 says:

    I don’t mind supermarket own brands, but there are some products that are never worth dumbing down on – these include:
    Heinz Tomato Sauce
    Ice Cream
    Running Shoes

    however, I’m not sure Cashmere is worth it. Its expensive, and then its a hack to dry clean or hand wash, so lands up living at the bottom of the wash basket

  2. joe says:

    a hit man to get rid of er in doors!

  3. doodle bop xx says:

    hair straightners..(ghd’s) marks n sparks food and spot cream xx

  4. fizzy says:

    Coffee, life is too short for cheap coffee.

  5. Steve B says:

    Generally, high quality commands a high price, however (so long as the Government is excluded from the process) quality is generally improved and price reduced (see definition of Capitalism, provision of goods & services) = a specific example being Personal Computers ..

    Of course this is not always the case ..see definition of Fashion .. and once the Government gets involved it is guaranteed not to be the case (see eg. UK Education system) ..

    So long as you are able to discover the quality of the product and have freedom of choice there is no need to ‘pay extra’ for anything … the price is set only by the demand by others V’s the available supply … in fact ebay is a perfect example of how to ‘pay the exact right price’ …

  6. resignedtolife says:

    The same top three as me.

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