What To Ask For Christmas Girl 16?

Im 16 and my parents keep asking me what i want as a ‘big’ present, i dont need a new phone as i just got one from my birthday, any ideas would help, and please done say vouchers or anything like that:) thanks!

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4 Responses to “What To Ask For Christmas Girl 16?”

  1. David Ortiz says:

    Ask for something you want..

  2. Jen says:

    depends what you’re into.. maybe a new makeup set or hair products
    maybe a car since you’re 16….

  3. Nicol says:

    a car, a laptop, a tablet, a kindle, a puppy, shopping spree at the mall, concert tickets..those all seem like big presents to me

  4. sazxx says:

    maybe some makeup sets, e.g mac makeup
    a tablet
    a laptop
    a camera
    some new outfits
    some new shoes
    a purse
    a mirror
    phone cases
    itunes card
    body butter
    hair straighteners
    hair curlers
    a cd
    makeup brushes
    just some ideas 🙂 xxx

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