What To Buy For Christmas?

Hi, I’m a teen and this year I would like to buy something on my own for my parents and brother! I have 50 dollars to spend all together! I would like to get them each an individual present and my parents something that they would both enjoy. Don’t say anything that only an adult could buy because like I said I’m a teenager!
My mom isn’t very girly, she likes sports and wears tee shirts everyday with jeans. She’s hard to buy for because she says she doesn’t want anything. I can’t get her jewelry or lotions because she’s allergic and she’s also allergic to some perfumes. She’s 44 and works at a school for special needs kids. She also likes to drink beer with my dad. She loves to camp and is a very outdoorsy person. She loves hanging out with my brother and I. She supports us through anything we do. She loves animals and kids. She collects beanie baby stuffed animals. She loves comedy movies and is a very funny person. She loves jokes and country music.
My dad is 48 and works at a sheet metal place. He likes working on things and nascar. We have a cat that he loves to death. We live in the country. He likes camping and having bonfires at our house. He loves his i-roc z-28 but doesn’t drive it! He also loves to make our yard look good and loves working! He likes old movies and loves country music. I think he collects stuff to do with cars but I’m not really sure!
My brother is 17 and is pulling off 3 jobs plus running a website for my parents and going to school. He is big in to martial arts and he likes to watch sports. He likes hanging out with friends and watching scary, comedy, and other certain movies. He’s my only sibling and I wanna get him something special. Last year I made him something but I’m not really good at that or any kind of art so I’m not gonna do that! He likes camping and the outdoors. He likes to fish also but doesn’t do it very often. He’s a funny person and loves jokes and things like that, he likes rap and hip-hop music, and some country music.
I know this is really early but I want to have it done and have time to be able to get it incase I have to order it offline. Any ideas appreciated ~Happy Holidays! P.S. I don’t want to get them like itunes cards, gift cards, give them money, or gift vouchers!
I would also like to get something for my best friend!!! She’s kind of a tomboy and kind of a girly girl!!! She wears certain types of jewelry and she already has tons of makeup!! She loves stuffed animals and boys!!!!! She’s my pink unicorn and I’m her cookie monster!!!:)) I don’t wanna make something cuz I suck at it so yeah I have to buy something! She’s a really happy person and she pretty much likes all kinds of music!!!! She loves MTV and she loves just dance games. Her favorite animal is a panda and she likes ninja stuff. Her favorite colors are blue and pink!!! She’s likes blankets!!! I sell blankets so I was gonna give her one but parents said no, so where can I find a blanket that would be really easy to make!?!?! She also loves food! She’s 13 so please don’t say anything for just adults!:)

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2 Responses to “What To Buy For Christmas?”

  1. Quazzy says:

    Mountain Dew

  2. Edge The Muslim Wolverine says:

    The Wii U.

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