What To Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas?

I know loads of people ask this but I’m so stuck :/ my boyfriend is a few years older than me and in the army. We’ve been together for 7 months. Him being in training for the army pretty much rules out clothes, games, DVDs and CDs. I was thinking about £25 voucher on itunes as a last resort but if I can help it I want to get something a bit bigger simply because giving him an envelope is a bit boring. We’ve agreed to only spend around £30 on each other, he isn’t really into his appearence or gaming which is why its so difficult. Any ideas?

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2 Responses to “What To Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas?”

  1. ChocoJes says:

    I’m gonna sound really gay when I say this, just a warning. You don’t have to buy him something nice and expensive, to him, just being with you should be nice. If you want to get him something maybe buy him a necklace or something cool looking as well. Good luck

  2. yep deff says:

    Does he like sports? Get him something of his favorite sports. Or you could get him a yummy smelling cologne and make him something. Think of things hes been needing. Its hard to answer because we dont know him.. It should def. be something personal and not a gift card. The more thoughtful the more he will like it. You could always ask him to give you ideas.. I did that with my bf and I googled alot of things he liked and came up with little ideas.

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