What To Buy My Boyfriend?

So its my boyfriends birthday saturday, and i have no idea what to get him.
He’s obsessed with Batman- but im pretty sure he has everything already that relates to that.
He likes marvel, arty stuff, he’s quite sporty- sorry i know that doesnt help much.
So far ive got him, a lord of the rings ring, but on a necklace and an iPhone case.
so what is something else i can put with it? Anything just male related gifts i can give him?Thankyou.

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  1. el says:

    Shirt? (or vouchers for his favorite shop if you’re unsure what he’d like)
    You can get customized trainers like nike, adidas etc the more skater style ones and get batman logo designed on to them (depending how much a fan he is)http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/ is a really good website for something more unique
    A photo of the two of you? (if you have one)
    Books on different artists? Prints?
    Tickets to an art fair, or get some train tickets for you to go to a popular art museum near you
    Ticket to his favourite kind of game, or a shirt for the team he supports
    You could get one of those adventure days out where you can do all sorts!
    You could also have a ‘marvel marathon’, buy popcorn, munch and sweets, make fake little tickets (optional) and dedicate yourself to having a day watching all the films — if he doesn’t have them all buy the ones he doesn’t have.
    Maybe not a direct gift also, take him out with the money you have left over whether it’s going on the train or just to his favourite restaurant or bowling etc!
    Good luck, I know males can be nightmares to buy for!

  2. John Dieter says:


  3. Chloe says:

    What about some cologne?

  4. Veronica Peter says:

    How about a shirt…

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