What To Do About Animals On Welfare?

What SHOULD we do about these animals/two legged cockroaches on welfare? Since WE the taxpayers are paying for THEN to live on their welfare checks, food stamps, section 8 housing ect. WE should decide everything. They should not be allowed to vote, should not be allowed vehicles, should not be allowed in the same public areas as the rest of us, they should not be allowed to leave the city. In fact, they should be confined to the ghettos/section 8 housing in which they reside. They should be required to have their tubes tied and if they have more than 2 kids, government checks should cease. Yes, they and their children can starve for all I care. They should not be allowed cell phones, private school vouchers, or internet service. They are animals, and should be treated as such. MAYBE then they’ll get off their lazy good for nothing a**** and get a job. Oh, and “welfare” should expire in a 2 year period. If they don’t buck up by then, they get to starve to death on the streets. Would this not help gather more revenue as this money will not go to the two legged cockroaches/non-essentials in the US??? We’ve got to start somewhere.

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5 Responses to “What To Do About Animals On Welfare?”

  1. Joe says:

    Talk to your local wildlife ranger.

  2. courtney says:

    You’re not looking at the whole story, I live in a nice house so I understand where your coming from but some people have hardships thrown at them that they didn’t expect. People don’t just choose to have a low paying job or terrible living conditions, you’re not looking at the whole situation.

  3. Mubwambu says:

    We should send them back to Africa where they belong !!

  4. Ed says:

    You know, if you have ever voted for the Repubacrats you have voted jobs overseas. Still it is easier to vent spleen at the victims of the policies of rampant globalization instead at those who designed the situation in the first place, isn’t it?
    The very same globalist plutocrats are laughing at your self-debasement BTW.

  5. Amanda Lee says:

    Well, you don’t know about the welfare program, obviously. Internet is not considered an expense–despite the fact that, in order to receive cash assistance, you have to complete a required number of hours of job searching and most employers tell you that you have to apply online. Unfair, no? Vehicles appraised for over $8,500 are also factored into your assets, which can disqualify someone receiving from welfare. The federal limit to receive cash assistance is 5 years (60 months), but since it is run state to state, some DO have limits as few as 2 years. Not everyone who receives cash assistance has Section 8–there is a limited number of Section 8 vouchers, and some cities are not accepting new applicants. The majority of cash assistance recipients do live in cities. They can’t afford to commute to a job, and most rural areas are short on apartments, as most can not afford a house, either. And the amount of cash assistance received is small–in Florida, the maximum for a family of 3 per month is $303. Most places do not allow you to work and receive cash assistance unless you can only work ten hours a week… again, in Florida, the yearly income limit to receive cash assistance is just over $4,500 dollars. And the government absolutely can not sterilize women, or limit the number of children they have, that is definitely illegal. No. No one is an animal. And I’m reporting your post, I just thought that you deserved a little education.

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