what to do for my 18th when my friends have no money?

I really want to do something for my 18th (ideally i wanted to go on holiday) but my friends say they have no money to do anything, and i don’t want a party. Any ideas?

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8 Responses to “what to do for my 18th when my friends have no money?”

  1. D says:

    I’m not sure if you are a boy or a girl but..

    Why not do something cheap..
    – go camping??
    – get your closest friends round for a movie marathon??
    – have a slumber party??
    – look for activity days on groupon and wowcher?? (i have seen paintballing for £10 before for 10 poeple)
    – go on a road trip to wherever you want??
    – make stupid videos with friends??
    – get wasted on your favourite alcohol
    – have a gaming marathon??
    – this involves loads of effort but make a list of stupid challenges/games and make your friends do them like.. ask out the next person to walk past / walk 10 metres on your hands / streak through a shopping centre (yeah crazy juvenile and stupid but hey.. who cares?)

    the possibilities are pretty much endless.. have fun 🙂

  2. Somebody says:

    pay for them or have a party.

  3. Makayla says:

    You can paint a bird house.Painting always makes me feel better!!!:)

  4. Me says:

    have a sleepover. doesn’t have to be special or anything. just do each others nails and get face masks and just make it more of a casual day.
    go shopping. they might not be able to buy anything, but it’d still be fun to be with your friends and have a laugh.
    if they have a little money to spare don’t do anything too expensive. just go swimming or ice skating as something that doesn’t cost a lot. or go for a cheap meal in the evening.

  5. Kieran says:

    Shag each other and put it on the internet, that sounds like a fun and cheap idea.

  6. awommack says:

    car wash

  7. Steve says:

    play a board game

  8. Pyewackett says:

    Have a day together helping someone – do summat nice for your local hospice, etc. Gardening or painting or whatever. Or do some baking and have a sale for charity; call it your Big Birthday Cake and invite lots of people.

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