What To Do With All These Fish Babies?

Found a bunch of fry in my tank this morning, not sure whose they are as we did a big fish haul a week ago.
I have the babies all caught (there are about 20) and safely in a breeding net, out of harm’s way.
My question is what do I do with all these babies when they’re all fully grown? I don’t really want to keep them because I don’t want my tank overstocked.
Do any fish stores accept live fry in exchange for discounts or something?
Let me know what you do with your babies if you ever have had this happen.

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4 Responses to “What To Do With All These Fish Babies?”

  1. Din says:

    ofcourse , they do take it in a fair price…… Or u can also inform this about to your friends , family , neighbours etc… They may buy it… Before selling it , surf the net about the price of the fries… Gud luck ! 🙂

  2. Josh Carman says:

    pet stores sometimes take small fish for credit or a discount, but i’ve never heard of them taking fry. try a family owned, small store, and you might find a good deal, and get rid of them at the same time.

  3. sclagg83 says:

    Go to criegslist.com and regime them on there

  4. Pytr Pytr says:

    most stores won’t buy them or give you credit, but there are exceptions, look for small private stores where you may want to buy your products and fish and trade them fry.
    otherwise, feed less, and let them get eaten. Some fish breed constantly, so unless you want this problem all the time, then let them be and some will be food for the other fish.

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