What To Get My Best Friend For Her Birthday?

Ok so its my best friends birthday in about a week but her party is tomorrow (saturday) and i haven’t got her anything I’ve been racking my brain on what i could get her but i just cant think of what it should be she’s turning 16 and i want to make it special i only have a little bit of time tommorw to get her something and I’ve left it so late because i want it to be perfect but i just dont know what to get she doesnt want money or vouchers so I’m thinking of what to get HELP any suggestions welcome apart from stupid stuff that isn’t really appropriate considering her parents are strict but not over the top thanks everyone x

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5 Responses to “What To Get My Best Friend For Her Birthday?”

  1. Amanda says:

    Make her a Birthday card burn her music
    get her some gift cards
    maybe a card n some money on lst minute terms

  2. C says:

    Get her jewelry or food candy earrings make up lip gloss

  3. Ukamaka Love says:

    wrist watch, shoe/slippers, towel, undies, card, flowers, body spray/perfume, blouse.

  4. Sudeep says:

    Get the gift with some beautiful flowers delivered at her place in your presence. Click the picture of her reaction, frame it and present it to her. This would be her ultimate gift.

  5. Kandee says:

    Go on pinterest! I go on there for gift ideas and they are crafty and personal! try a starbucks card or jewerely. like a cute scarf!:)

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