What To Get My Boyfriend For Christmas?

So i’m 15 and my boyfriend’s 16 and we’ve been going out for a couple months now. I want to get him a really great Christmas present but i’m so, so bad at buying presents and have no idea what to get him for Christmas! I know he loves video games a LOT. Some of his favourites are Zelda and Call of Duty and Minecraft and i think Fifa? We’re both what you would call ’emo’ when it comes to what we listen to and how we dress, but he’s a bit more ‘normal’ then me, as he doesn’t like really heavy metal and screamo and he has more normal-ish clothes than me. He doesn’t really go to concerts either and we both download music so concert tickets and CDs from a shop are out of the question. We both really like Anime like Pokemon and Death Note and Soul Eater.
I’m really good friends with his best friend and he suggested getting him a ‘steam’ game voucher, but i want more ideas just in case 🙂
Please help!

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4 Responses to “What To Get My Boyfriend For Christmas?”

  1. Freud says:

    your body

  2. hannah says:


  3. Kittiee Moon says:

    no not your body.. idiot
    this is hard because well I don’t know him. but think hard on what he likes or does with you.
    you said you guys download music so cd’s are out, but what about u downloading him a mix of all his favorite songs. I don’t know if he uses a cd radio or not. but burning a cd for his room if he does would be cool.
    does he like jewelry, get him something really cool.
    he loves video games, maybe a new or cooler remote controler? memory cards if they take it, don’t know what kind of game system he has.
    something cool for his room, if he likes certain posters, i knew one person that loved dragons, a dragon poster was the best present for him.
    try to get something he can use, and what hes really into the most.. you can never go wrong if its his favorite hobby.. my husband loves aliens, freddy krueger etc i can never go wrong with a collection figure.

  4. baby says:

    A call of duty shirt, a gamers chair( got one on eBay for 40$). A CD u make him with if favorite songs to help him through the day. Maybe a Teddy bear

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