What To Get My Mum For Her Birthday?

I’m 14 and my mums birthday is coming up…I spend about £40-£50 on her. She’s a doctor but would hate anything to do with that.
I was thinking a hoodie from jack wills or Hollister but its summer season and they don’t have any nice ones. She’s coming 43 and I actually have no idea!!
No like beautician vouchers or hair vouchers, nothing like that but does anyone have any clue what to get her?? Maybe something unique or unusual? I have no idea!!!!

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4 Responses to “What To Get My Mum For Her Birthday?”

  1. Thinkfir says:

    Anything you get your Mom that you picked out and that comes from your heart, she will love.
    Get her a nice card, maybe a necklace, or a nice shirt, sweatshirt, or take her out to dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just thoughtful.
    Moms love it when their children think of them and show Moms how much they love them and appreciate them.

  2. Tigerspa says:

    How about a “girl’s day out” just you and her. If the weather is nice pack a lunch and some bottled water – go to the museum or rent bikes and bike the local park together.
    or, have a manicure and pedicure together – look for a special 2 for the price of 1 – you could even call the shop and explain it’s your mom birthday and your funds are limited. Most shop keeper would give you a break.
    Do you are a ferry boat or a sighseeing bus in your area or in the main town? Pack the food and go sightseeing – you will be surprised at the places and things to do for free in your area that you never knew about because you never acted like a tourist in your own town.
    Pettting Zoos are inexpensive;
    or buy some ballons and go for a walk in a pretty park – sing happy birthday and let the balloon go at the end.
    Or. write goofy messages on the balloons and place them all over the house when she comes home leading the the bath tub with a nice warm bubble bath waiting.
    Be her “wait person” for the day – get her anything she needs or wants – be at her beck and call – buy some cupcakes and 1 candle and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY OFF KEY — GOOD LUCK
    you sound like a great 14 y/o

  3. Miyun says:

    The last gift I had to make was a Christmas gift for a friend of mine.
    I found a little box, I put some cool and useful object in it like little bottles of perfume, candies (lollipops and marshmallows), a wine glass with something special written on it and some other object which will remind him some things he likes or remind our friendship. You can also had a card or a little note, a picture (of you and) her she never saw It all cost me around 25 bucks.
    Good luck! 🙂

  4. King Khameleon says:

    I’m not a woman, but I’ve bought quite a number of presents for my mom that she always seemed to enjoy. Here are some suggestions that I hope will be able to help you:
    1. Boots
    2. Jacket
    3. Bracelet for the wrist or an ankle bracelet
    4. Earrings
    5. Copy of her favorite song or album
    6. Breakfast in bed or dinner in bed (ha ha)
    7. Perfume
    8. Purse / Pocket book / Handbag
    9. Watch
    10. Her favorite book
    11. Electronic Organizer
    12. Make her something (picture) or write her a poem
    13. Digital camera so that she can capture her favorite moments on film
    Good luck!

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