What To Get Our Teacher For Present?

Okay so this week is our final week in school before summer . This year we had TY which is like a fun year between exam years . Our year head has to be the nicest guy ever and we want to get him and extra special gift. We have collected 2 euro off everyone in the years so we have about 150 euro . We are getting him a restaurant voucher for about 80-100 euro so what would be a nice personal gift to get him for 50 euro ? Some people said a personalized pen but i didnt think he’d like it , any ideas ? we want to get him something to remember the year .

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2 Responses to “What To Get Our Teacher For Present?”

  1. kaliesq says:

    A plaque that is like an award, with your class year at the bottom as the group bestowing the award on him.

  2. J-Dawn says:

    Hard to say not knowing your head teacher. Find out what he likes.

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