What To Get!!for A Mom??? That Wants Nothing!!?

ohkay im thinking about christmas, she is not big on anything really. last year i got her an native american indian doll she was adorable and her birthday is in feb so i got the dolls mummato go with her, but this year i dont know what to get her,maybe make up a gift box and put gift vouchers and stuff in there but i dont know she doesnt do much and doesnt go out much and plays her computer alot, any ideas of what to get a mom????

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5 Responses to “What To Get!!for A Mom??? That Wants Nothing!!?”

  1. Jake says:

    get her a nice bracelet or necklace, for example if you have two siblings, get a necklace that has three hearts on it as remembrance of the kids.

  2. bert says:

    Get her a nice charm bracelet or something that you can add onto, or a nice pair of earrings, some nice makeup, a sweater, some perfume, an iPod, a phone?, a necklace, a pair of shoes

  3. Madeline says:

    There’s been some years when my mom gets really obsessed with certain things, and I tend to make her Christmas present lean towards that. One year, she was always ligthing candles, so I bought her candles. This year, she’s in love with flamingos, and I saw a light up flamingo at Target, so I’m going to see if I can buy her that.
    Otherwise, make her a coupon book of chores you’ll do, tell her to pick some activities and a day, and spend that day with her doing those activities (maybe make a scrapbook of it). Or, if you have something planned in the next couple months, like a trip or a big family event like a wedding, maybe make a photo album for her of the trip, or of family that you never see. If anything else, buy her some Christmas decorations. I got my mom an ornament last year along with some snowman placemats.
    My sister last year got her a coffee mug, with lotions in it and an itunes card.

  4. Ii’ni’ da’ałhosh says:

    Get her a day at a spa, or a gift card for a mani/pedicure. Or dinner at a nice restaurant. Or show tickets.

  5. Gifthunt says:

    What game does she specifically play on her computer? Maybe you can buy her something to expand the game. I know it sounds a bit tacky, but if the game is something she’s been really into, it might be really appreciated.
    Dinner, digital cameras, tablets, are also a few other things she might like. You can look for more gift ideas at gifthuntr.com! Hope this helps

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