What To Give? Mums Advice?! 10 Poinys?

What are some essential things that newborns need? Im thinking if making like a hamper and putting baby things in it for the family i babysit for as they are having a baby. Waht are some things that arent to expensive? But essential. But not diapers or wipes because i already know.They dont know the sex of the baby and im 15 if that helps.

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3 Responses to “What To Give? Mums Advice?! 10 Poinys?”

  1. tomo says:

    A dummy (pacifier), muslin squares or bibs, dribble bibs, comb and nail care set, scratch mits, sensitive shampoo and wash, nappy rash creams, teething rings, hats, photo album, ‘first year’ book, first lock of hair and tooth box, money box, homemade foot print set, vests, sleep bags, blankets, bath chair, cot bedding, socks, bath toys, playmat, thermometer, musical stuff…. and vouchers for the parents like a cinema voucher to go and see a movie to make sure they make time for each other once baby arrives as time goes by so easily and you can’t get it back!

  2. C-Lo says:

    A baby safe toy (giraffe named sophie was one we got) is a great idea. Something that can go in the crib with the baby. If you know the sex, a cute outfit as well, one thing the little ones never have enough of is clean clothes! The other thing you can give them, is a nice card with a note about how you care for the family and look forward to being part of the baby’s life. A coupon for a night out and you to babysit is something great as well – might be a few weeks, but nice for parents to get out for some alone adult time.

  3. KitKat says:

    loving parents, health insurance, diapers, breastmilk, clothing for the weather, and a strong support network.

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