What To Give Parents After For Help With Our Wedding? Really Stuck?? Personal Experience?

We are getting married next June, 1st. We have already bought our bridal party their gifts, trinket boxes, personalised vases, personalised Glasses etc, My dad has a Personalised Pint glass, My mum a personalised vase. Both have Father/Mother of the bride, as well as the date etc so something for them to keep in the future, But we want to buy them a gift as an extra thanks, they have given us £2000 towards our wedding which has been a massive help, and as we are not able to buy gifts (other than birthdays,anniversary’s, and christmas) we want them to see how grateful we are.
We were thinking of something like meal vouchers, a day trip something like that. not looking to spend Hundreds but i know you can get a day trip to London by coach for less than a hundred, something they are into (we’re sending them to the London eye for christmas!)
anyone got any ideas or things that you did, We want something i can give them on the morning in their home before we leave for the church, as a thank you before it all starts
any ideas???
thanks in advance

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4 Responses to “What To Give Parents After For Help With Our Wedding? Really Stuck?? Personal Experience?”

  1. Poodie says:

    Since you’ve already wasted so much money on these “personalized” trinkets, I think the best thing you can do is give your parents a heartfelt note of thanks. The will really appreciate it. Congratulations.

  2. Stacy says:

    My parents helped out for our wedding, and we printed out an 8×10 photo of all of us at the wedding and had it put into a nice frame for them. We also had quite a few photos printed out for them, and gave them a nice, handwritten card. Not having a lot of money, we were also stuck on how to show our appreciation, but they loved the gift. And crap, I just re-read your question and realized you wanted to give them something before the wedding. Well, scratch the photo idea.
    I agree that some restaurant gift certificates would be nice, let them enjoy a delicious meal on you. Or you could always send them to get a couples massage, or to a hotel for a night. If all else fails, a handwritten card telling them how much you appreciate the help would probably be a good way to go as well. Good luck, and congratulations!

  3. Ok says:

    I think what you have planned is already great, and Im sure they will love it. As the years go by, you will both be earning (and should be saving also) and then you can save the 2000 they gave to you, and then in a few years you can use that to send them on a cruise or something else they’d like. Good luck and congrats.

  4. thewayth says:

    glad it is no more personalised clutter! Kind thought, but what a waste of money…
    give them a voucher for their London trip on the morning. You know they want that and will love it.

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