What To Put In A Care Package?

My best friends husband has just been diagnosed with cancer and I was wanting to put together a little care package for them as I am unsure how else I can help them at the moment.
They have a young family (3yrs and 4months).
So far I have a petrol voucher to help them out travelling to their appointments, some nappies and wipes, I’m in the process of putting together a heap of frozen meals for them but I’m not sure what else I should be putting in there for them.
Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much 🙂

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2 Responses to “What To Put In A Care Package?”

  1. Jovanny G says:

    Throw a wig in there for the poor guy!

  2. p says:

    Since He,s not working I,m thinking They could use some cash and don,t forget a card telling Them how You feel about Them .When You,re going through hard times You want to know You have friends.Maybe a voucher to babysit the Kids for a night or two so the two of Them can go out together to a Movie.And maybe some Movie tickets and a voucher for a Restaurant .I,m sure They could use a night away from home and the Kids just to relax and forget about Their problems.

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