What To Wear And Take To Kennywood? Also Another Question?

Kennywood is a amusement park in Pittsburgh
I am planing on wearing a tank top, shorts, and converse to kennywood on may 4th but should I wear pants or shorts? Im also taking a little cardigan thing. I might wear my bathing suit underneath just in case the water rides are open.
I plan on taking a little bag to hold my phone, money, season pass, and my friends ipod, and money. Im taking a slightly bigger bag to hold my cardigan, two of the cups that you can get discounts on, and sunscreen in case.
also i wear kandi (beaded jewelry) and some other stuff im gonna summarize it Little.
on my neck i wear two kandi chokers, a necklace that has like a sparrow and a spiky choker witch.
my left arm i wear a sweatband or armband whatever you wanna call it 7 kandi bracelets and two rubber ones, on my right arm i wear 7 kandi bracelets and 6 jelly bracelets. would you think those would be okay and not break? also the spiky choker im wear do you think the security workers be okay with me wearing it? it is this http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Features/DarkerDaze//Cross+Wrap+Bracelet-194082.jsp it was to small for my wrist so i made it a choker. Thank you for your help :3

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