What to wear with these Irregular Choice shoes to a work Christmas meal?

I love, love, LOVE my Irregular Choice shoes. They are new and I’ve not worn them yet so I want to wear them to my work Xmas meal. We will be going for drinks after so want to get a bit dressed up but not to ‘glam/glitzy’ as that’s not really my style. I also want at least 3/4 length sleeves as I’m not too keen on my arms!! Any ideas please lovely people?

Thanks, Sam x

Cant find pic on I.C main website but these are them….


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One Response to “What to wear with these Irregular Choice shoes to a work Christmas meal?”

  1. nintendoprincess says:

    they’re beautiful shoes!

    I’d say wear them with a festive looking red dress or a white dress with red accessories



    id say go with a prom dress-esq style which matches the cutesyness of the shoes or a body con dress with or whithout a pep-lump for something more grown up:)



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