What type of computer am I best getting for creating video games?

I’m wanting to create a few games to play, I’m starting off with a Game Boy Advance game, I have a big group of friends to help me and it’s being planned nicely. Now all I need is a computer.
I’m getting one for my birthday, which is in July, so it’s only four months away. I need a relatively cheap computer, which must be £150 or less, as this will be my first one and I have a sister, who also needs money for things. I want something which is capable of creating fairly high quality games. (not too high!)
I’m not sure if a netbook is what I should get, as I hear they’re not very powerful. I don’t really know what a netbook or notebook does, but as long as it’s good enough, I’ll accept it. I don’t really mind about low memory, as I could just buy a USB. Small keyboards aren’t a problem, either. It doesn’t need to be flashy, just affordable and useful. It MUST work with broadband internet connection.
Links to anything on amazon.co.uk is very helpful, or if not there, simply send me an image link. I’m not buying from anywhere outside of Britain. (Amazon.co.uk is an exception) and no ebay links please.
I found this, if anyone can tell me how good it is-
Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. Nayem Reza says:

    First of all are you talking about actually programming a Game Boy Advance game? Like from scratch ? Not to be rude but if you don’t know what a netbook is or does then I doubt you know how to program. Things like C and C++ etc.

    I don’t know what you mean by high quality as I don’t know what context your saying it in.

    Regardless of everything above if you want to do serious programming then I would say you would need at least a decent dual core to speed up the compiling. At least 4GB RAM. A fairly decent graphics card. Also a big hard drive. You will not be able to just use a USB. And every computer from the last 10 years+ works with a broadband connection.

    You will need to spend a minimum of £250 and that’s if you build it yourself with second hand parts. Buy some parts from eBay and learn how to build it.
    If you want to buy it new then get ready to spend £400+.

    Oh and the link you posted is not even a computer. It’s a cheap android tablet with a keyboard lol.

    Seriously I don’t think you understand what your actually saying. Programming is tough and by the sound of it you barely know how to use a computer other than basic web browsing etc.

    Buy a nice second hand machine from ebay for £150 and slowly learn how to program. Then when your ready upgrade your machine and start programming.

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