What type of gas does a school Bunsen burner use?

Also where can i buy some Nickel plated brass burner tube 11 mm diameter with rotatable non-removable air regulator? In my previous question i asked where can i get a bunsen burner with a gas cylinder and someone suggest these to sites to me:
im going to get these but it is the type of gas i need and i need to know what tube i should get or would it be easier to get these two then go out looking for the tube?

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  1. Robert J says:

    It could be natural gas, or ‘LP’ gas – butane (or possibly propane) – you can get versions to suit each.

    You can also get alcohol burners (using methylated spirit) to avoid the need for a gas supply.

    See the links below for examples.

  2. Popolopi says:


  3. Ava says:

    Why do u need to know are you going to light the school on fire

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