What was the best bargain you ever bought?

To give an example, I bought a simple buggy for my toddler, cheap fold up runaround. It never let me down, has been used for two children, and nowadays gets used to transfer shopping from the car to the house. The amount it takes but has never buckled.

Your thing could be cheap, expensive or somewhere in between. But it must have been reliable and well worth the money…

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21 Responses to “What was the best bargain you ever bought?”

  1. celtic says:

    The best bargain i ever got was the £15:00 i paid for my marriage license in 1978 still with her Sloppy i know but she"s standing over me and it"s getting time for bed my luck could be in.

  2. Who_Me? says:

    i can buy 1 pair of socks at walmart for 94 cents

  3. ciaran_m_o says:

    a night with kate moss before she madeit big-for a fiver!

  4. Pixy Styx says:

    25 cents for a brand new shirt.

  5. R.I.P. Gummi Bear Devourer says:

    I got a condom for a quater once …. it was the cheapest tool to get what I wanted

  6. excusememiss says:

    My friend lost this really old model handphone of mine, so she got me a new one on my birthday. It’s 2 megapixel!

    Of course, make things really easy for me. Could sms, call or whastoever. & of course, patch things up with my ex bf since we’re not on really good terms.

    & when some guys were stalking me, i text s.o.s to my friend n he called me almost immediately.. therefore, it’s more than reliable.. it’s a LIFE SAVER. (:

  7. ← saltitall → says:

    50¢ for a pair of New Balence shoes.

  8. JOE M says:

    i got good sex for a 6 pack of beer

  9. KittyKattsMeow says:

    This is going to sound so dumb but…. I got a pair of sandals for like $4 at Payless, the were the best they went with everything and once I wore them in they were even more comfortable and I had them in good shape for like 5yrs. I mean that is a long time for a pair of sandals and I live in FL so I can wear them like 90% of the time.

  10. Randisha says:

    Well one of our biggest book store where i come from seem to be closing down and they have been having sales on books going way cheap and i mean there not used books there brand new like children books, school text books, business books you name it i mean you could like get six of those books and i mean big leather bound books way cheap. Thats one bargain i won’t forget and ofcourse i did buy.

  11. septembersong says:

    Two cats that i was given-free. They are both so loving that they are well worth buying rather pricey cat food, changing and cleaning up kitty litter, and vacuuming up cat fur. They are both very reliable sources of comfort and are always happy to see me. Wonderful for my mental health, and much better and cheaper than tranquilizers or booze!

  12. punk_fairy says:

    i bought a dress that should have been just over £100 for a fiver, there was a hugeunrepairable rip in the sleeve but i didnt want the sleeves… so i cut them off… then i made little teddy bears out of the soft velvet sleeve material and gave it to my sister as a present…shes still got it and the dress when i grew out of it became a very nice custom made corset top and corset skirt to match!

    my sister also bought a tennis ball and when it became a bit tatty she gave it to my nans dog but when it developed lots of holes from the chewing she filled it with nuts and hung it from the window where she can watch the birds feed…

    theres loads more but i cant name them all!

    im a bit of a bargain hunter myself!!


  13. dee j says:

    got one of the red "FLYER" wagons, have used that thing for hauling potted flowers, grocies, cleaning out the car, its the best bargin I’ve ever got, the little wheels are strong and sturdy., even going to use it tomorrow night, to put lighted pumkins in and drape it with cobwebs

  14. Gary M says:

    Someone at work got us all Christmas presents, free stuff a medical rep gave his wife. Felt guilty not getting him anything, saw a USB multi phone charger in Tesco £3.0. The number of times it has saved the day, not just him but his boss, 4 years on it’s still saving the day and earning him a lot of brownie points with his boss and above.

  15. demoiselle says:

    an excellent pair of pants for 8 $

  16. Pat Erbum says:

    I once bought a watch for two shillings and now sixty years later it never misses a beat an is always on time. I have won plenty of money letting men give it a bash with a 4lb hammer for ten shillings a go. Pity it was before the days of BOGOF.

    Another good buy I made was a sweeping brush, it’s had five new handles and seven heads replaced but is still as good as the day I bought it. I use it daily…………………

  17. Sassy OLD Broad says:

    The "best" bargain I ever got was an original vintage Coco Channel purse at a Church yard sale for $3.00. I sold it on eBay for $135.00. That wasn’t too bad, eh? Godloveya!

  18. bex says:

    £10 for my beautiful prom dress! It didn’t fit at first, then I MADE it fit, because I wouldn’t spend £100s on a dress like everyone else!

  19. queenbee says:

    I bought a vacation trailer during the summer. A place for us to go to on the weekends and get away from the city and noise. We have campfires and fish a lot, it’s great. You might now think it’s a good deal but we do. I paid $1,750.00 for a 30′ trailer that came on a lot and had a big deck (30′ x 15′). It also came with a shed and BBQ. It’s an older model (we think 1975) but all the mechanic’s work great and most of the inside was re-done. We love it up there, it’s great and the best part is that we are able to go there all year long not like most parks that close the gates in October.

  20. crystal says:

    £1.00 wedge shoes in the sale.Ihave had them 3 years.

  21. Cubalishus says:

    We got 2 x 3 seater leather sofa’s in the sale last August bank holiday for £400, they should have been £400 each but the guy made a mistake when he printed the invoice out, I asked him if the invoice was correct and he said yes it is, I have worked here long enough to know what I’m doing, I said fine, then we have just grabbed ourselves a real bargain haven’t we, not bad 2 x 3 seater leather sofas for £400, he had to sell them to us at that price as he’d printed the invoice out and told us he knew what he was doing, needless to say the manager wasn’t happy but tuff my hubby is pretty good at shop law and we were well chuffed at our bargain.

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