What was the new deal by president Roosevelt?

What was the new deal by President Roosevelt? If you could sum it up in a paragraph that would be great.
How did it affect The Great Depression as well?

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  1. tuffy says:

    The New Deal was a series of government programs to bring relief to the unemployed, farmers who lost their farms and homes, the elderly, and children. Some of the programs were found to be unconstitutional, while others did bring relief to millions of citizens. There were programs that did allow people to be employed in government programs such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

  2. Prof Scott says:

    FDR’s New Deal was a package of legislation he got Congress to pass mostly in 1933-35. They authorized a whole series of new federally funded government programs aimed at relieving the Great Depression by regulating labor and business competition, creating jobs through public works, and establishing a social-welfare safety net. Some of the most ambitious regulatory programs were overruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but many were upheld and some continue to be in effect today (including entitlements like Social Security). Economic historians continue to heatedly debate to what extent the New Deal affected the Great Depression. There is consensus that the programs at least alleviated some suffering by the public and boosted public confidence, but there is no clear conclusion that they actually contributed to ending the Depression. Some historians argue they may have lengthened the Depression (which had one of its worst years in 1937 well after the programs were operating). The Depression did not clearly start to end until 1940, as the world plunged into WWII.

  3. Historyguy says:

    The New Deal was the name for a vast array of government programs initiated during Roosevelt’s presidency to deal with the economic crisis of the Great Depression. Many of them were work relief programs which put people back to work directly. Some of the more famous are the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) (they seemed very fond of initials in the New Deal era). The WPA put millions of people back to work at various jobs. Usually these involved construction of public works such as schools and post offices, but the WPA also employed writers and artists to create works of art, plays, and to do historical work (one small part of the project which was significant for future historians was an effort to interview all the surviving people who had been slaves before the Civil War). The CCC put lots of young men to work on various projects related to the natural environment including reforestation, road construction in rural areas, and soil erosion reduction work. The TVA was an organization which did a lot of modernization work, including especially electrification and flood control, in the titular river valley. Originally it was intended that its example might be replicated elsewhere in the US but opposition to it meant that the TVA would remain unique. There were lots of other programs but they were mostly aimed at offering work to people or controlling underlying problems which were preventing them from finding work. While the success of individual programs varied (the Roosevelt administration tended to create a wide array of programs and then see what actually worked) the New Deal as a whole was generally regarded at the time, and by historians since, as a rousing success which helped alleviate the suffering caused by the Depression.

  4. ammianus says:

    The New Deal was a series of uncoordinated,poorly thought through,limited and poorly implemented and executed economic initiatives introduced by President Roosevelt from 1933 onwards.The major aim of the New DEal was to lift the US economy out of the Great Depression.This it failed to do.

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