What websites are the best for building a pc in the UK?

I am currently using Scan.co.uk, Overclockers.co.uk, cclonline.com and amazon.co.uk.

Will be everything from case and psu to GPU, CPU and better cables. I’ll probably end up getting bits from each site but want to know if there are any comparable/better sites out there.

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  1. ebox1349 says:

    there are hundreds, Overclockers are possibly one of the best for quality products, Scan are also well known and trusted, Amazon are often overpriced but where they advertise the hardware sellers own web-store prices are better. Eclipse I have dealt with for many years as someone else has suggested and Ebuyer is also good (currently buy over £50 worth to get free P&P).

  2. eastlondon02 says:

    I use novatech, Very good selection of motherboards GPU, CPU, Been using them for years and very good delivery

  3. ... says:

    Best pc company for building desktop and laptops, you can build a desktop there that is WAY powerful than alienware desktop but not over prized.

  4. Molubech says:

    eclipse computers got great deals too


    Also there is Crescent Electronics and that is where I got my motherboard and CPU from. You can use Paypal


    Also BT shop have got good deals. I know it’s BT but they also sell computer parts at reasonable price.


    And then you got ebuyer


  5. jamie griffiths says:

    hi. first of all i would NOT recommended pc specialist as one of my friends got a computer from them and all they have had is problems with it. i would suggest buying all the parts separably as it works out cheaper. i would suggest http://www.ebuyer.com as they have great products at great prices. but i also found a company that build the computer for you witch is also quite cheap it is . http://www.dinopc.com. hope this helps!!

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