What would a childs fabric wall chart be made from?

For my textiles GCSE exam, I am designing a wall chart and I am looking for some alternatives to cotton to use for the main fabric of my wall chart. Thankyou! If you are unsure what I mean by wall chart, here is an example!
I am actually using felt motifs which the child can velcro onto the chart so I would prefer a different material but thankyou anyway, I agree!

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  1. Emma says:

    I use Ikea’s plain fleece blankets to cut up, they don’t fray, they are not too expensive and nice colours. I made a Santa suit out of the red fleece and stockings out of he other colours. Velcro definately sticks to it, just checked for you.

  2. Heike says:

    Felt is good for that.

  3. RoofingPrincess says:

    "Cotton" is a type of fiber, not a type of fabric.
    I recommend cotton flannel. Felt shapes will adhere to its brushed surface beautifully. When I was a kid, teachers used a "flannel board" and felt shapes to teach shapes, numbers, etc to kindergarteners.

  4. lib.rare.ian says:

    You need to find a fabric that velcro will stick to. I suggest you go to a fabric store with a piece of velcro, and test different fabrics to see what it will stick to securely.

    I velcro things to cubicle walls regularly, and they’re ususally covered with a woven nylon or polyester upholstery-type fabric. You might have luck looking at upholstery fabrics that have a loop nap or heavy weave.

  5. Kathy says:

    Styrofoam wraped with any felt type cover for decorating the way you want it to make it hard and able to put on wall

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