What Would Be Needed To Start A Nightclub?

Hi Guys,
Thanks for reading in advance.
My name’s Dan and I’m 23 years old. I work in sales at the moment and it frustrates the hell out of me. The reason is, I know I’m smart and I know I’m worth a lot more money then I am on. I also know I have the will-power and intelligence to make money.
My Father has £90,000 he wants to invest. We both came up with the idea of starting a nightclub or bar. He would leave me to run the club including obtaining licenses, suppliers etc.
I’m not thinking of a huge 1,000 people capacity venue, more like a place which holds 150-250. The place would be based in the South East (I live in Kent so Bromley, Beckenham, Kent, Essex etc.) I also don’t mind on whether its a bar or a club. It will be a small place and probably looking at the 21-26 age group. I guess the reason I wanted to write this question is for some advice.
Is £90,000 enough?
How easy is it to obtain licenses etc?
I know theres going to be a lot of people that shout to me “DONT DO IT!!”. The reason I want to is the £90,000 will be invested in properties or something else if I choose not to do this with him, so this really could be my chance to start my life and generate a steady income for my future. i know the lifestyle is meant to be the opposite of glamorous, and that you need to work late nights, work extremely hard etc.
Any Tips from Club Owners / Previous club owners would be great
Thanks for reading and please don’t slaughter me too bad for the idea.

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One Response to “What Would Be Needed To Start A Nightclub?”

  1. Rob says:

    you are about 5 -7 years worth of education
    about bars/nightclub operations.
    unless Dad is extremely wealthy, let him
    invest properties.
    most clubs/bars require more than that
    to survive 6 months never mind start up.
    u have to rent not buy a place,
    u have a dozen inspectors to make happy,
    u have to meet the bonding insurance
    needs of alcohol commissions.
    u need to actually work as a manager in one.
    find a club to learn from and work way up to
    do not waste Dad’s money, he can invest it
    in property and later after u have learned
    hard lessons and have real cash from
    your pockets to put down then Dad
    can sell off a few and help u.
    95% of clubs/bars fail with 1st 2 yrs.

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