What Would Be The Best Cloud Backup Provider For My Needs?

I tried Justcloud, which was horrible, and they own MyPCBackup, so that is off the table too. So, eliminating those two, what provider would be best for the money for the following needs:
1. Unlimited Backup volume
2. No file size restrictions (or at least allows up to 5 GB size files (I can probably live within that))
3. Easy to use for both the backup and restore.
1. Support for backing up at least 3 computers, so I can backup whole family
2. Synch Folder that will hold 10 GB (enough for a full DVD), Maybe 5GB if I compress the DVD.
3. Ability to backup and restore at the folder level, rather than just at the file level.
4. Ability to restore files backed up from one computer to a different computer (ie if I get another computer, but it is not a replacement for my current one, but want it to have a lot of the same files on it (ie like my music), I want to be able to use the backup as a means of easy transfer of files between the two rather than massively bogging down the wifi by having them copy directly between them. Also would be handy when out of town with the laptop when I need files that were on the desktop PC.
5. Discounts for long-term contracts
Other perks: Feel free to note other perks of the provider you would recommend.

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2 Responses to “What Would Be The Best Cloud Backup Provider For My Needs?”

  1. Charlie Kelly says:

    I had a friend once that used crashplan. He used the ‘1-computer unlimited’ deal, and loaded one computer up with lots of storage and invited friends and family to load their stuff onto it.
    The cloud is terrible though. Encrypt a drive and keep it at the bank.

  2. An.. says:

    At work we use Carbonite. At home I use MyPCBackup which you don’t want to use but it seems to have the specifications you’re looking for. 250 GB is way too much for me and the space grows with onus Rewards over time.
    For transferring files between computers, Windows 7 comes with something called My Briefcase which can be loaded with all your files from one computer and taken to the other computer via a Flash Drive or other external hard drive.

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