What would forcing someone to deal with their past anger to do a person?

where they were not allowed to escape, they had to deal with it and be provoked regarding it, etc

would they break down mentally and regress to that state again??

would it make them psychotic?

why and how so?

Thanks for your answers!

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3 Responses to “What would forcing someone to deal with their past anger to do a person?”

  1. REBELLIOUS says:

    Help them to address the underlying issues you cannot move forward unless you address the past and leave it behind if you don’t you carry that baggage which can destroy your future relationships with anyone.

  2. Boris the Oval Banana says:

    I think it’s too big a question to ask in one sentence, or answer in one concise way. It would depend on the chemical stability of that person’s brain, their upbringing, the reason for the anger, the intended meaning of "regress to that state" or "psychotic," etc etc…

    …for example if violence is the cause for the anger, they may become equally violent if forced or provoked in a like manner. Is that psychotic or self defence? Is it regression, or natural and temporary self-preservation?

    Is this a stable person? If so perhaps they would shout and show their anger, but no more. Is showing their anger "regression" or just healthy and natural under the circumstances?

    It’s an interesting question, but probably best qualified with specifics, or saved for a series of books on the subject…

  3. Judy Teen says:

    As the other person said, you would have to be more specific, but I tend to feel, judging by your last question that you are trying to put out questions to prove a point. If someone has psychotic tendencies then anything can turn on that psychosis.
    If you are trying to find an answer to the question ‘How do you make a normal person psychotic’ then that’s a whole different story.

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