What Would Happen If I Did This To A Neighborhood Cop (pranking Him With Scarecrows)?

There’s this cop that lives about 4 houses down from me. I don’t know him, I just know OF him.
Anyway, at the Michaels Arts and Crafts store in my neighborhood in the outdoor bins, they have these 5 foot tall scarecrows on stakes for sale. They are quickly and easily inserted into the ground. They are on clearance for $4.99.
Let’s say that I purchased like 4 of them.
Then, tomorrow night around 2am I go and insert one of the scarecrows into the ground at the edge of his front yard. Maybe 1-2 feet from the curb, facing traffic.
He would find it in the morning and think “WTF?” and remove it, probably thinking a friend just pulled a prank on him.
But, the very next night, I go and insert another one in his yard. Then when he finds that one in the morning, he’d be thinking someone has it in for him and might keep watch the next night or two.
But, when a week or so passes, and it hasn’t happened again, he’ll figure, “Well, joke’s gotta be over by now.” and he’ll have stopped watching. So after doing it two nights in a row, I stop for about ten days, then do it a third time.
Right about then he’s getting pissed with all these scare crows and will likely keep watch somehow for several nights. But he won’t likely still be watching, say, a month from then. So a month later, I do it one last time.
And now he’s really aggravated and he’ll keep watch yet again. And this time, he’ll probably be wondering/waiting for months if and when this reverse scare crow bandit will strike again.
Lol what do you think he’d be thinking about all these scare crows? And am I likely to get into any kind of legal trouble if caught?

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2 Responses to “What Would Happen If I Did This To A Neighborhood Cop (pranking Him With Scarecrows)?”

  1. Red says:

    you might get shot. no joke. cops / justice system all of it are cruel.
    also you’re unaware that he could just set up a motion detector and hidden surveillance and then catch you, and maybe shoot you.

  2. nOoRkHaN says:

    You’d get arrested

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