What would I need to start fishing? – lightweight?

Hey folks I’m purchasing a cheap lightweight pen fishing rod this is what I’m going to purchase.

What would I need to make this complete? A hook a lure a weight?
I have no knowledge on fishing but I want to purchase a cheap one to take while backpacking along the canals. This is in the UK.
If you could just advise me on what I need to complete a bare-bones fishing set. I assume people will comment on the price and quality of the product but let me stress that I’m only interested in whipping out the rod set when I’m camped near the canal near the end of the day or early in the morning.

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One Response to “What would I need to start fishing? – lightweight?”

  1. Dan says:

    If you want to start fishing and just going for the small fish a little telescopic rod a reel a float set and some hooks and weights will get you started. No matter what the "experts" claim fish are not snobby about what sort of rod they will get caught on. I have a little telescopic rod I use when I take my daughter to the canal and I leave it set up then collapse it down then you are ready to go when ever you go and it will all fit in your bag.

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