What Would You Call This Hoodie, And Where May I Find One?

So the other day i go to H&M and find a hoodie. I work in retail and the store i work for i get an awesome discount so i never buy clothes for full price, BUT i fell in love with this hoodie on sight and knew i must have it! They didn’t have my size 🙁 so i bought the size they had which was a size down because it was loose fitting and i couldn’t possibly pass it up!
Here is my description of it, maybe someone can give me advice on where to get this on the internet or something. Its an H&M hoodie, Divided Grey, its a light heather grey and it has what i can only describe as worn out spots all over it! Almost like someone didn’t complete it or it got acid thrown all over it! Its amazing!
I have been calling my local H&M stores but only one has the Divided Grey and they haven’t gotten any in, its been over a week! Everytime i call they tell me they don’t know when it will come and they don’t know if they are gonna get it. I have been trying to find it online but i don’t know what that style is called! Even putting in the numbers from the tag won’t pull up anything. Why does H&M have to be so confusing, and from another country i could simply order it if it wasn’t! However, its not on their website anymore so, yeah i cannot look it up there to see their description either! Im at a loss HELP ME PLEASE!

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