What Would You Like To Ask?my Favourite Teacher Is Changing Schools? :(?

So im 15 years old and a girl and my favourite teacher is 25 and a female. She is blonde, fit and heaps pretty.
Today i was talking to her and asked her if she would be teaching PE next year and she started tearing up and said ” awww im so sorry but 2 weeks ago i found out that i had to move schools because i was only filling it” i almost cried.
This teacher has been their for me since the start, she has let me cry to her about problems and she cried to me about hers. We get along so good and i have been down all day about this.
On her last day, me and a few of my friends are having a surprise party and making her a cake and just talking about all the good memories. We are all making her a big card and i am also writing her a personal letter along with a $50.00 gift voucher to her favourite shop along with some flowers.
I dont know what to do because i am just so upset. I want to keep in contact with her but she cant have me on Facebook or anything because of her teaching career. Can i email her?
Please just tell me what you think and what else i could do? :'(

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