What would you wear to an interview at a high street store?

What sort of things would you wear for an interview in stores like topshop, zara, H&M, TKMAXX, marks & spencers etc..

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6 Responses to “What would you wear to an interview at a high street store?”

  1. Tarynn says:

    It should be appropriate (pencil skirt, dress slacks, no jeans, etc) but really trendy and fashionable.

  2. kateycoo says:

    basic interview clothes are black skirt or pants white blouse, good luck.

  3. Scribbles Crayola Girl 24 <3 says:

    You would wear something maybe that’s from their store. Dont go into H&M wearing all Garage stuff. Wear something of their cothes. Also, wear soemthing thats very confortable and something that your style. Make sure teh interveiwing lady/man see that you are in with the styles.
    Good Luck

  4. Taby says:

    something classy but stylish. maybe add in a piece or too from the shop your being interviewed at but not a whole outfit from there since that looks a bit like your trying too hard. how about a cute top with a black high waisted pencil skirt? or DARK jeans and a black blazer? and then add a few of your own pieces to make the outfit stylish and your own.

  5. gimpalomg says:

    I have been on both sides of the interview table. Here is what I always tried to present and what I always looked for.

    Pretend you have the particular job you are interviewing for. Then dress like you were going to work and for some reason you felt a need to look particularly good on this one day.

  6. Alex says:

    You would dress different for an interview for stores such as topshop and h&m than others. You have to show them you can dress in trend and fashionably. I had a interview with topshop last week, wore a pretty short dress, boots and a blazer and i got the job. If i wore this for a interview in Marks & Spencers however i very much doubt i would get a callback.

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