What would you wear with these sunglasses?


Darren Criss wears them with EVERYTHING; but could I wear them with any colour? Or should I colour co-ordinate and wear pink with them? Thanks!

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8 Responses to “What would you wear with these sunglasses?”

  1. Summer says:

    I bought a pair of hot pink sunglasses (because I’m in love with Darren Criss) and I wear them EVERYWHERE with EVERYTHING, but it’s up to you. Some people would feel weird wearing pink sunglasses and not color coordinating and some would be ok with it. Personally I think anybody can rock pink sunglasses with anything 🙂

  2. little miss sunshine says:

    they’re amazing! wear them with anything, they’ll stand out:D

  3. Sarah Salvatore says:

    awh they are soooo cute! anyways, cool. i think either way is fine 😉 depends on your mood.

  4. Sophie Waudby says:

    Every colour except from pink,I think wearing clothes that are pink will be over the top,but just having the sunglasses pink would be perfect with nearly every colour (i would wear them with denim shorts)or jeans<3

  5. ---Sailor Moon--- says:

    If you referring to those wild bright colors like the 80’s fashion.
    I think you can wear any color but try to match two colors together then have a color that matches the two colors nicely like…….
    Orange,Blue & Yellow.
    Green,Purple, & Red
    Hot pink,Blue & yellow.

  6. Dude Stick says:

    You should wear them with bright colours in a similar shade. Colour coordinating will help make it a unified look. I personally think wearing them with some wild and colourful patterns help complete retro summer look.
    You can wear it with a colourful retro style sun dress.

  7. fetamy says:

    They are just awesome and … I am sure of its compatibility with any type of dressing.

  8. Cynthia Allison says:

    I wear them with practically everything! haha They look really good with a light blue or summer colored top and jeans/jean shorts. Also hats like fedoras or beanies(:

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