Whatever happened to the bargaining system?

Why aren’t you allowed to bargain for goods anymore?

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3 Responses to “Whatever happened to the bargaining system?”

  1. James says:

    This is called "bartering", and you’re allowed to do it – although most places of business will never allow it. Currency is often treated as a good in itself, so the trading of money for goods is almost like bartering, for today’s purposes.

  2. catsup says:

    It’s still around. You can bargain on anything.
    Don’t mean you get the trade.
    You have to have something they want,
    which in most cases it’s cash, or credit.
    You can even bargain for interest rates..
    If you are speaking of trading,
    you can always trade cash for goods, and if you want to trade goods for goods,
    I guarantee if your goods out value what you want to trade for, someone will make the trade.
    Even Neiman Marcus.

  3. Random guy says:

    Bargain is the norm when you buy really expensive things – houses, land, cars.

    You can bargain over mid-prices items (like TVs and refrigerators), you just have to ask the shop associates if there are any discounts, or if they are willing to match competitor prices.

    For low-price items like food, bargaining is waste of time for most people, but you can still bargain if you buy it at farmer’s markets.

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