What’s A Good Job For Me?

I’m currently a sophomore in college and in the business school and would really like to figure out some good career options for myself. I’m great at making sales, I’ve been good at selling since I was a child and have excelled in my sales class this past semester. I’m very good at public speaking and speaking in front of a group or crowd has never phased me and I’m fairly good at pitching ideas and coming up with a solid presentation for whatever idea I need to pitch. I would like a job that allows me to travel around the United States and the world, but it’s also important for me to have a life at home with a family eventually. I also would like to aim for a career that would have a fairly high pay toward the end of my career. Finally, I plan on living in a major city. My top 3 cities to live in currently are Chicago New York and Boston. Thank you for any help, I’m honestly just trying to find some possible careers to do some research on.

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One Response to “What’s A Good Job For Me?”

  1. Jewel says:

    You sound like you could do very well in advertisement. Its all about selling to the masses, you have to be able to pitch an idea and sell it on the spot.

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