What’s A Good Unisex Present For Under 20$?

We’re doing the elephant game thing for Christmas and I need something GOOD and that would be good for both girl and boy. And our limit was only 20$ It can be a little over if you can’t think of anything. lol Any suggestions would be awesome. 🙂

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  1. Loo says:

    Chocolate-always a winner
    A book (Guinness world records thingy)
    A mug with chocolate in it
    Voucher to the movies
    Voucher to supermarket
    iTunes giftvoucher
    Christmas CD
    Beach towel with a message on it
    photo frames (with pics!)
    a nice/leather wallet
    popular DVD
    Small calendar
    IF you barrack for a footy team and most of the family goes for the same footy team then you could do something with that
    Hope I helped

  2. Timid Women Rarely Make History says:

    Spice rack. It’s actually a really nice gift for someone who likes to cook. Save them the trouble of having to go out and buy all of the commonly use spices in recipes.
    Winter gear set – If you pick a local sport’s team,you could get away with giving that to a man or a woman.
    Gift basket. Walmart has ALL sorta of these in different price ranges. I saw one the other day,came with soup mix and 4 large soup bowls. Each bowl had a soup recipe on it. I actually wanted to buy that for myself!
    Movie or Movies : Pick something along the lines of comedy or action. Nothing too girly or violent either so it can go for both. If you wanted to make this gift a bit bigger or special. Can always add some snacks. Popcorn and Milk Duds are pretty popular,Twizzlers too.

  3. borbor says:

    Just don’t give a gift card; too many of them never get used and the corporation keeps the money. You don’t say the ages of the girl or boy so other than that I can’t answer you.

  4. Barbara Little says:

    I do that same thing with my family every year, an movies are always popular, pick a popular movie that you think the people in your group will like! And if all else fails everybody loves a gift card.

  5. Honey boo boo says:

    Movies or a gift card for a store like target.. thats a hard one tho
    Good luck!

  6. Jefferso says:

    the new fragrance fro Chloe and Lamar

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