What’s A Mail-in Rebate? Is There A Catch?

I just bought a ticket to a concert, and at the bottom of the page it says “Click below to claim $20 mail-in rebate on today’s ticket purchase.” I clicked on it and this page came up saying to call this number to claim the rebate. I called that number and the girl on the phone was really unhelpful, I didn’t understand what she was talking about, she didn’t answer my questions, she just cut me off and told me to call this other number if I have any other questions.
So anyway, since she didn’t answer my questions, can you guys help me out?
What’s a mail-in rebate? Is there a catch to it? or are they seriously giving me a 50% discount on the ticket for no reason?
Also, the girl on the phone said that they would send me another $20 so I can use it later on. So, they’re just giving me free money?! Wtf?! Someone please explain!

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3 Responses to “What’s A Mail-in Rebate? Is There A Catch?”

  1. Truth says:

    The Catch is… If you don’t mail it in, you lose out on the deal – Plain and simple.
    They entice you with 50% but you pay the full price up front. The hope is that following through on the rebate is too complicated or maybe you forget, and then… yes, you lose your rebate. Thus, you have paid the full amount.
    Oh, and perhaps they will continue to give you discounts… this is so that you will continue to buy.

  2. Tim says:

    Mail in rebates require you to follow the directions specifically to receive a check back in the mail. Most companies rely on the general public being lazy and not cashing in on rebates, as they tend to go bad after a while. But if you do it, it should work fine.

  3. . says:

    A mail in rebate is sort of like a coupon to get a portion of the purchase price back.
    They really will give you how ever much the rebate is for back.
    The catch is that you usually have to fill out forms, copy your receipts to send in, mail it by a certain date. Then you usually have to wait 6-10 weeks to get the money. Most people dont go through the hassle, forget about it by the time the money comes back to them and dismisses the rebate as junk mail, or if you make a mistake on the forms, it can disqualify your claim. Occasionally the rebate is not in the form of a check that can be cashed, but a gift card for one of their products or to a store they partner with or something like that.
    They are actually making money this way on several points.. a. The mark up on purchase price is usually higher than average b. They sit all the money in an interest bearing account for the 6-10 weeks you are waiting on your rebate. So, even though they are giving you money back, they have made up what they are giving away from interest c. these things are often tax write offs for the company, so they are also making money by deducting it from their taxes. d. if the rebate is a gift card, they really arent loosing anything at all, but still get to claim it as a tax write off (even though the purchase price of something is 20$, it likely only cost a couple dollars to make and sell the item, so while you would be getting a 20$ gift card, they are truly only giving you a couple dollars worth of merchandise per their costs)

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