What’s a solicitor who deals with real every day people called?

What’s a solicitor who deals with real every day people called? Not a commercial lawyer it’s a ????????????

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  1. Mas says:

    A fairy tale. We tried to get a solicitor to help us not long ago over a renting problem, and either they were too busy to help us, or they didnt take on legal aid cases.

    Try going to the CAB, its free and the advisors there are really helpful and unbiased.

  2. neesy says:

    information and advice officer
    citizens advice
    if its none of these i cant help sorry

  3. leeincognito says:

    They are called solicitors. Solicitors must specialise in one specific legal field, and must not practise as sole traders. So go to your local firm of solicitors, the specialist you require will be found there, free or not (probably not)

  4. annie says:

    Just a solicitor. They all have different specialisms like family law, tort, conveyancing, defence etc, any firm will have one to suit you I should think. Ask around and see who can recommend one.

  5. FRANK R says:


  6. martin eds says:

    Civil lawyer i think is the word you are looking for

  7. raggyann says:

    A solicitor.
    Those that cannot afford to a solicitor, will find themselves a leg aid solicitor.

  8. harryhotun says:

    A hard -up member of the legal profession !
    In the UK often known as a family lawyer;in general practice.

  9. shutyerfaceup says:

    millionaire? The robbing bastards charge about £90 per hour, if not more

  10. Caicos Turkey says:

    A solicitor in general practice. That means that he’s not a specialist, although he could have a particular expertise, but is prepared to deal with a variety of different areas of law.

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