What's a top-up voucher?

I have the number to activate BBM on PAYG Vodafone but will I need a top-up voucher whatever that is, is a top-up voucher one of those card that have your network providers number.

Plz really need help on the BBM on PAYG Vodafone and the top-up voucher thing

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One Response to “What's a top-up voucher?”

  1. Just another girl. says:

    A top up voucher is something you get in a shop. Its an alternative to topping up your phone than a credit/debit card or one of those cards you get with your sim. It has a number on it that you enter when you call the top up number on your phone. If you need one got to your nearest ship that sells them, usually a newsagents, and ask for a "(£) (network) top up". You’ll get what looks like a receipt with a number. Obviously you need to bring along however much your topping your phone up by.

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