Whats Better, Chiminea Or Firepit?

My mums birthday soon and she wants a new chiminea after her other one disintegrated. She asked for vouchers to go towards it but my family have decided to go together and get her one. Problem is we have found 2 we like, one a chiminea, one a firepit. Really cant decide. Can anybody tell me how smoky firepits are, as the chiminea has the chimney which puts it up and out. Im really stuck!

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  1. ELF Earth Life Form - Aubrey says:

    This one is easy.
    Do as you mother asked, pool your money, Put it in a beautiful expensive card signed by everyone, add pictures of the best you have found, put all this in a beautiful envelope with a ribbon and bow…

  2. tallen says:

    I agree with the previous answer in that you should ultimately get her what she wants. Chimineas actually do a better job of putting off heat as the ceramic body of the vessel absorbs a lot of the heat and radiates it out whereas a fire pit/bowl doesn’t. The added advantages are that chimineas are less likely to be affected by wind, produce fewer errant embers/sparks that can set other things on fire, and move the smoke up and away from the user.

  3. Elizabet says:

    A Chiminea – if it is clay -does not last as long as a metal fire pit. What you burn is what determines the amount of smoke. Don’t burn paper, grass, straw, green wood or soft wood. Don,t use an accelerate like lighter fluid. Start your fire using small twigs – maybe just enough paper to get the twigs burning then add your larger pieces. I like a fire pit because it can be enjoyed from all sides. Years ago we got my Dad a metal chiminea with an open “belly” covered with metal mesh. You have the advantage of a 360 degree opening and the chimney
    I will see if I can find some pictures for you and edit my response.
    I know you don’t have access to Lowe’s in the UK but the pics will show you what I am talking about.
    God luck and happy birthday to your mother.

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