whats it like working for mark and spencers?

i recently just got a job there as a customer adviser which includes helping customers,stock replenishment, working on tills and being in charge of the fitting rooms can anyone who works there or has worked there tell me what its like as a working environment

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One Response to “whats it like working for mark and spencers?”

  1. Liz says:

    Its an OK work environment (nothing to write home about), they will keep you busy throughout the day, the staff are generally nice but you will come across the odd couple dragons who will tell you off every other day. Fitting rooms will stink badly in Summer because of the hot unwashed bodies trying on clothes there, make sure you take a clothes peg with you so that you can put it on your nose when you clean up the fitting rooms.

    Be very polite to the tea ladies and the cleaners because if you are not, they will make your life hell and most of all be humble to everyone around you otherwise you will get sacked within two weeks.

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