whats the best bargain you ever got on ebay?

also is ebay overated and does anyone have any ebay horror stories?

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9 Responses to “whats the best bargain you ever got on ebay?”

  1. TILLY says:

    hi there the best bargain i got on e bay was 7 pieces of aynsley china for £10.00 and £2.00 delivery was worth over £150 it cost the seller over £10.00 to send it but as a gesture of goodwill i sent him an extra tenner to cover the postage after i received the items i was still having a great bargain 🙂

  2. teeeck5 says:

    £0.10 on a usb flash disk

  3. greenbenuk says:

    Well the best bargain i got was a football programme from a f.a. cup final i brought it for 50p and sold it to a private seller for 85 pounds

  4. mr_sister_uk says:

    Ebay rocks.
    I brought a laptop bag from a charity shop for 50p and sold it for £25 + £2.50 postage.


  5. bartandmarge says:

    what is ebay? you have lost me

  6. misslj76 says:

    mp3 player 15.00 well chuffed!! erm few me to you bears!! bought some new ruby and millie eye shadow sets for £1.00 on car boot sale put them on ebay and cleared £20… couldnt believe it!! but no horror stories up to now… know theres a scam at the mo where nigerians (but have registered in uk on profile) are biddin stupid amounts on things then emailin the seller with bit of a sob story and can they email paypal details but end up not paying…

  7. katie<3 says:

    Best bargin i ever got was my right leg only cost me a £10. Does me wonders.

  8. pikapoke_uk says:

    Got a roll of material for my cousin’s bridesmaids dresses which was £30 inc p & p, it would have cost £200 if i’d bought it retail. I’m actually quite addicted to e-bay.

  9. funandfriendly says:

    i got a pair of brand new shoes for £4.99 (incl postage)….another pair for £2.85 (again brand new)…….Faith knee high leather boots for £33 – hardly worn before i got them (retail price was £75)……work boots for my hubby also dirt cheap, dresses for under a tenner, pine bookshelf for £25…..tooo many to mention…..i love shopping on ebay….i have also sold on ebay too quite successfully too i might add!!!

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