whats the best bargain?

you have ever had at a car boot sale ?

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4 Responses to “whats the best bargain?”

  1. Mental_rachel says:

    My mum bought a vase from a car boot sale for 50p that turned out to be worth about £100. Bet the seller is kicking themselves now!

  2. **BaD-gAl-SaFfY-In-Da-HoUsE** says:

    a really nice jewelery box for 5p

  3. The Ghost says:

    Bought a Minton Comport today at Redcar Car Boot – cost £2 worth £30 – £40 going to auction house on Monday

  4. Jacob Hodgson Stokes says:

    Bought an NES, SNES, N64, atari 2600 plus 10 games for it for £15.

    (it started my games collection)

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