What's the best holiday you could recommend for less than a grand for a couple?

the question says it all .. every time I book to go away I get people telling me "oooh! paid too much there, mate!"
What holiday bargains have you had at the cheap end of the market?

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4 Responses to “What's the best holiday you could recommend for less than a grand for a couple?”

  1. HeyMickey says:

    You should keep an eye on deal sights such as Groupon and KGB Deals as you can often get package holidays abroad for at least half price. I’ve seen some good ones for Egypt, Spain, Germany and France. If you go to UK City Deals they do deals for both these companies there.


  2. Mohammad says:

    more than 60 million holidays were taken in Britain last year … by using our guide to the best currency providers you can save up to 10% when buying £1000 …. We compare 1000s of individual package holidays from over 34 suppliers,

  3. k says:

    My parents are going to Cornwall on their holiday. And they only pay £200 in September – that is the MAXIMUM they have ever paid.

  4. miss_dharshu97 says:

    there was this time that my frendz got tickets to go to perth or someplace for 5 BUCKS no joke. what they do is they pacj their stuff and sit at the airport and when a flight has xtra space with no one left then they announce cheap tickets lik this…

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