What’s The Best Protein Shake To Take For Muscle Growth?

You need to do weights, but a high protein one should do the trick to re-build muscles faster after they been broken down by a workout.
-and Da Fitness Nutrition- 12.5% discount code ‘LACTOFREE’
Its your preference on taste, I tried all three companies and like them, I go with Da Fitness more as its normally cheaper, and they have discount codes all the time depending on what they want to push.

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One Response to “What’s The Best Protein Shake To Take For Muscle Growth?”

  1. gareth w says:

    An egg-white omelet.
    If you go with a whey isolate protein, I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a certified organic protein supplement. Some of these protein shakes have some really nasty stuff in them. Take care of your health and your body.

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