What's the best way of dealing with stress in the workplace?

What’s the best way of dealing with stress in the workplace?

The main sources of stress are a lack of communication and unsupportive managers, which is a shame as the job itself I really enjoy.

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3 Responses to “What's the best way of dealing with stress in the workplace?”

  1. corncrake says:

    good workmates always a good fall back and the ability to laugh at the stupidity of the situation. Give your boss an amusing yet sarcastic nickname helps.

  2. nincompoop says:

    its different for everyone, some might do yoga while some might smoke a spliff, try caring less but dont let your work go down the pan

  3. Michael says:

    Stress and anxiety may be an extremely bad disorder, yet on the contrary a lot of people flourish on emotional stress. It’s actually a very individual situation. The indications of emotional stress vary drastically and can vary from only feeling irritable to hairloss or much more serious disorders. If you find that your health is getting worse because of stress you should talk to your physician. Men and women deal with stress in all kinds of various methods and many people find it hard to take care of stress. Try enjoying a break from everything and also learn how you can actually take it easy. Like I said, it’s different for all of us. Just try and do something which unwinds you, perhaps it is as basic as watching television, taking part in sporting activities or even going for a holiday.

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