What’s The Best Way To Implement A Coupon Program For An E-commerce Site?

Let’s say I’m selling a product on my website, and I want to rely on customer referrals to build sales. For each item a customer buy, I hope to gve a coupon code so that any referrals can use that code and get some sort of discount/bonus. The referring customer can also get benefit as well, such as free merchandise or points. This will encourage each customer to refer as many of their friends as possible.
What would be a good way to implement this? Are there products I can purchase that’ll do this, or does it has to be programmed by my tech team?
Does each customer need to set up an account on my website in order to implement this? I would think so, because that’s the only way I can keep track of how much referrals each customer made, and reward him/her accordingly.
What do you think? any comments or suggestions are welcome. thanks

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One Response to “What’s The Best Way To Implement A Coupon Program For An E-commerce Site?”

  1. Darin says:

    Those are 2 different things – a coupons app and an affiliates app. They are both built-in the software UltimateWB. It is awesome! Very customizable and flexible. You will need to recreate your website with it though, but it is really fast and easy to use. You can use it with your own domain name and web hosting too if you want. I don’t know of any software like that which you can just add to your current website, because it will need to fully integrate with your website – your affiliates will need to register as members, but your customers who make the purchase don’t have to register if you don’t want to require it.

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