Whats the big deal with concerts and cinemas?

I don’t see what’s the big deal with concerts and cinemas. Concerts and loud, crowded and offer no special benefit that listening to your stereo doesn’t. Cinemas suck because it’s just the movie on a larger screen, big deal.

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5 Responses to “Whats the big deal with concerts and cinemas?”

  1. Julia G says:

    Concerts – Big deal when you love the artist/band playing, know every song, they’re great live, you’re near the front and crowd is lively/atmosphere is amazing. I’d say you would need 3/5 of these to make for a great night.

    Cinema – I’ve never really understood that myself either, I’d much rather watch a film in the comfort of my own home, the volume/lighting i choose, company i am allowed to converse with, comfortable seating and reasonably priced, reasonable healthy, nice food.

  2. ♥cozicat♥ says:

    are you being serious? that’s like saying cyber sex is as good as the real stuff…when the musics live it’s raw,it is unpredictable,it is earth shaking if it’s a band you love and as for cinema…imagine a really good feeling and multiply it by 10…that’s what all the fuss is about!

  3. MERCY says:

    I love you….. I agree and both are too too loud…. the movies come on tv later on anyhow and the money seems like such a waste but on a positive note if the walls start closing in on you and people drive you buggy you go to those places and sit there like idk whatever our personalitys are like dont cha know pretty soon yahoo will destroy the world wont it ? well they wanna make money … jobs jobs and more jobs but I think that it be nicer if a husband wife and kids all went together rather than what I see going on … YEH BIG DEAL TAKE THAT AND THAT .. slug this world into perfection … good grief… theres not only churches and flower shops on this earth ….. cant you see were all used for money yet?

  4. The Defenestrator says:

    Cinemas are awesome cos of the large screen! The sound is loud and booming, which is perfection when it comes to a Chris Nolan film! The cinema has a way better experience than the confined space of a dark room, I can tell you that for sure. Besides, what makes home viewing so much better, apart from privacy?
    As for concerts, some of them are drowned by annoying fans, but some artists benefit when live, like Gorillaz, who sound so much more epic as people do STFU enough so that you can hear ’em!

  5. Harry hamlin says:

    I guess everyone is just different. Personally I love the cinema. You don’t get anywhere near the same enjoyment watching movies at home. In a cinema ( despite what some might say) you get less distractions, the atmosphere created by the joint experience, much clearer picture due to the scale. It’s a night out as opposed to just a way of clearing some space in your sky plus box. As for gigs, man alive! Are you saying that seeing the likes of u2 (zoo tv tour), rem or Paul weller live is the same as just switching on you mp3 on a bus? Come on man! Anyhoo everyone is entitled to their opinion but you’ll probAbly be in the minority. I think you should turn off your computer and go out to play for a while.

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