What's the deal at orlando water parks for storing clothes and gear?

HI, anyone know what the deal is at Orlando waterparks for storing clothes and other gear whilst you enjoy the rides? Can you rent lockers etc?

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  1. zuesefl says:

    You can rent lockers at the water parks, though they are about 12.00 to rent.

  2. Tony R says:

    Yeah they had lockers when i went there in 1997 . I doubt much has changed since then.

    Wet and Wild etc…

  3. weelynne says:

    Yeah you can rent lockers. You can also rent towels and stuff aswell so its saves you having to take them with you

  4. *♥* donna *♥* says:

    Yes you can rent lockers, http://www.wetnwildorlando.com/hours_03.html

  5. LushLinzi says:

    they have lockers there to store your belongings

  6. shoredude2 says:

    You rent a locker to which includes a key with a little bungie strap that goes around your wrist or ankle. When you’re done, you return your key and you get a deposit back.

    When I was to Aquatica earlier this month, it was $10 to rent a small locker and you got $5 of that back when you returned the key.

    Or you can do as many people do, and leave as much as possible in the car.

  7. touristips2000 says:

    All water parks provide lockers for a fee.

    Do not bring a lot of valuables or money with you.
    Store these in trunk of car where they can’t be seen or better yet in hotel safe.

    Take enough money for food concessions etc…

  8. debbie m says:

    I was just there and the cost per day is $10 and you get $5 back when you turn in the key back in.


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